16 thoughts on “DJ Website Tips – Part 1

  1. I think a entry page is quite important but thats just because its worked well for me & i heard that search engines like em but things are always changing with search engines. Thanks for sharing all your knowledge on this! DJ Dan allanthemsdisco.co.uk

  2. A home page is generally where you say, “this is who I am, this is how you contact me, this is where I live, and this is what my business is.” A home page is an introduction, so a client knows what they are looking at, and then a directory, so they know where to look to find whatever else they need to know. Very page should be quickly accessable, which is why you would have a link bar on every page.

  3. True there is no point in an informatic flash site, because the last I checked, the search engines can’t read the test within the flash. Flash is good for interactive multimedia experience if properly configured. But I have yet to see any that have been tastefully done and can load fast enough to prevent me from closing the page.

  4. Also, it depends from the kind of website you want. There’s no point in making an informatic website in Flash. But if you want an “online multimedia experience that emerses the visitor” than there’s almost no other option but Flash.
    Think of company’s like coca cola. Their site doesn’t just list up all the flavours of Cola you can get. No it’s about emersing the visitor in the “bright side of life”. Drink Coca Cola and be cool!
    As a DJ : With me as a DJ, your party will be “f*ck’n awesome!”

  5. Then these sites are not built well.
    Flash sites aren’t always slow and sluggish.
    There is no point in having 1MB pictures on a website, so a great deal of time should be spend at optimising the graphics of the Flash project, and optimising the loading process.
    I tend to load everything externally and separately, so you don’t have to wait for the whole site to load before the site gets displayed.
    Flash isn’t bad, if Flash is used wisely, it certainly adds to the web experience!

  6. Regarding Flash Sites, If they don’t load almost instantly, I am gone. Flash is still too slow and people surfing for information are not going to sit around and wait for a flash screen to load.

  7. Indeed, that’s true, some page has to be the “first” page that pops up, but I wouldn’t call it just “home”. My first page is just my news page on my site, with the latest news in my DJ’ing career. Well, my current website sucks ass, but still. I see a lot of people having a home page for the sake of having a homepage.
    When you enter the site you only see “welcome to my site, i hope you like it…” Not presenting their business.
    I’d recommend having each page being accessible from the other.

  8. Hey, every opinion is useful. A home page, however isn’t saying “welcome to my page” as much as it is saying “here is a quick overview of my business”.
    By not having a “home” page you make one of your other pages by default the home page (or the first page that people go to), so there’s no avoiding it, really.

  9. I disagree with the “home” button. You shouldn’t even HAVE a Home page in my opinion.
    Because the home has no purpose. (“Welcome to my page”… I know I am welcome at your site! :p)

    Good designed flash is light-weight, so there’s no point in not including it. Full flash websites can be search engine friendly, with a bit of extra work from the designer part.

  10. if done right it can be good. There are bad HTML websites as much there are bad Flash websites… I love Flash and I’m a multimeda & communications students 😉

  11. i told you to keep away from them satanic websites you will find yourself following the darkside of the evil golden hob nob! since i have been talking to you max my mind has almost dissapated! ha je

  12. Hi Alan as you know from prevous conversations I think you have your website just about spot on, i worked in the IT industry for 15 years and saw so many bad bad sites…. as soon as i finally move i will be setting up a new site and to be honest Alan will take a lot of your ideas if ok with you.. but dont worry you wont be seeing me in a kilt…. mind you my short fat hairy legs are quite attractive! ha great job very entertaining and useful! rgds JE

  13. I agree 100%. Flash and sound are BAD! Good tips.  I am going to be doing a redesign on my site very soon.

  14. Great tips. I don’t have the money right now to get my page professionally done yet. But I stress the word YET. My buddy is a graphics artist and does websites, and he owes me money, I just got to get him motivated to redesign my site, or pay someone to do it.

  15. great tips, really usefull, I’m actually in the process of getting this done, so , Right on time
    THX ALAN!!

  16. Correct, autoloading music is a bad idea. I usually exit the site straight away, especially if the background colours are black as well.

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