8 thoughts on “DJ Website Tips – Part 3

  1. No prices on your site is good advice. So many things determine the price. Best to speak to the clients on the phone.
    Great video.P.s. It’s still raining in Scotland.

  2. Alan just proves a point i was looking at some dj websites and found what i thought was a nice one…… until…….. on one page 7 video captions of various weddings lighting display etc etc but each had to load in and play one at a time before you moved on 10mins in and just the 2nd video i moved on…….i think if the budget is low simply clear concentrate on the design rather than the gadgets….one of the best info set of videos i have seen real good use to use mobiles …rgds jason

  3. I strictly agree with not publishing prices and packages, Why should clients pay extra cash just to have an extra par can, you should pay for the event…not the gear.

  4. Like I mentioned in video 1, every DJ needs a web PRESENCE. Whether that is a webpage, website, or merely a Myspace or Facebook page. Club guys need at the very least a Myspace page to let fans know when and where they are playing and to build their following.

  5. Another tip; keep the 2-click rule in mind. It means you have to be able to reach all (important) information within two mouseclicks. This way your visitors won’t have to search through your entire website to find an answer to their question.

    Also, most (if not all) of these tips apply to pretty much any website out there. Great job on pointing these things out!

    And yes, I am the best DJ in town!!!! ; )

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