Visualization of future web designs

We have evaluated from the humble PC to the highflying Smartphone quickly and now we have more than our home computer to process information. There is a huge release of smart devices such as Laptops, iPhones, tablets, iPads and notebooks to compete with the desktops and web designers are also gearing to meet the changes by designing websites and web applications accordingly.

What would be the trend of web design in the future considering the number of devices using the internet?

Content oriented websites
Well, the trend would be more content oriented, like the City Card Manchester has shown. The focus will be more on delivering content in a better and more efficient way than what it was done before. The emphasis will be user centered, content oriented and simplicity personified so that the user is not only dazzled by graphic but also with useful content that will provide them with information that essentially require.


Graphics are useful additions to web designs – just check out the pictures on the Sakura page to see how effective they can be to explain products and services visually but text content is what provides them with basic information about these elements. Web designers would be finding new ways to project text content so that the users find them interesting. The designers shall have to find content that would fit into multi-platforms and easily searchable in all the above mentioned devices.

Focus on mobile phone users

The content should also be user centered because that is what they are made for. Mobile devices have made it necessary for websites to be compatible with them and web designers would be striving to perfect traditional websites to match the need. We have already seen conventional websites specially being modified to fit the small screens and popularly being browsed by users. Be ready to witness the oncoming of revolution in the sphere of web design that would be primarily focused on mobile application users. The change is a must owing to the increasing number of Smartphones and other mobile devices being used.